5 Tips When Playing Blackjack

5 Tips When Playing Blackjack

Next to poker, blackjack is one of the most popular casino card games based on online searches and according to land based establishments. Being a popular game, there are numerous strategies to choose from and according to professional blackjack players, there are secrets to manipulating the odds into your favour. When we first caught wind of this we were thoroughly intrigued and so we sent a team of researchers out to test these theories and strategies. As it turns out, there are in fact various ways to improve your chances of winning and these were the 5 most important tips our team learned when playing blackjack.


Free Online Casino Games

If you walk away with one tip and one tip only, we would recommend that it’s this one. Free blackjack games are readily available online. Unlike land based casinos, online PC or mobile versions actually offer players free games to enjoy or use to explore the quality of the casino. Our team went out and discovered this before trading secrets with pro blackjack players. Practice blackjack for free and use these free games to test new strategies. Free games eliminates the pressure of playing for real cash which allows you to focus on the game, pick up new strategies and become better acquainted with how the game is structured and what the rules are.


Joining Exclusive Blackjack Forums

Blackjack forums allow members to communicate with one another. They have been designed for players with shared common interests and most of the time you will find professional players actively handing out secrets and tips. The trick is to join a forum exclusive to blackjack. No white noise and no distractions. If you plan on winning or you are chasing the payout, you need to be entirely focussed on the game at hand. This means joining a platform where your questions are answered, you are given free advice and you learn new strategies, all exclusive to blackjack.


Learn the Rules

New games are often difficult to grasp immediately. They require patience and practice. Blackjack however, isn’t like this. The rules are straightforward, the game is easy to comprehend and strategies are rather obvious even for first time players. But you do need to understand the rules and learn how the game works when you are chasing the gold. You will need to know when to ‘hit’, ‘stand’ or ‘split’. These are terms used in blackjack and ones you will be hearing often, so familiarize yourself with them and the rules. The more you understand how the game works, the better your chances of winning. If you don’t understand something and the internet is of no use, revert to your exclusive blackjack forum and seek answers. Understand the game better than your opponent to win the game.


Place Careful Wagers

Don’t make progressive wagers, especially if you are doing so based on your last hand. Most beginners get into a bad habit of making bets based on their previous hand. So if they won, they assume the next hand will be as lucky and bet high. If they lost the hand they try to make up for the wager lost by doubling up to win back a loss. This is not a recommended strategy and professional players warn against this kind of betting known as progressive betting. Keep your bets low as a beginner and only raise if you have a god hand or you have 21. Bet according to your hand and not your heart.


Limit Your Bankroll

Always ensure you limit your bankroll and you don’t bet outside your budget. Another mistake beginner players make is betting over and beyond their means. This leaves a bitter taste in player’s mouths and they don’t return due to heavy losses. Also, you need to know your limits. Set a limit before you begin, don’t go over it. Self-control will definitely turn the odds in your favour and if you begin with a cool head chances are you will master your gaming strategy throughout the time to come.

Blackjack can be an incredibly fun game if you know what you are doing and you have the bankroll to support your gaming time. Through a series of recommended gaming tips and your own personal strategies, you will find success but you must remember these things take time. Use this knowledge at free casino gaming sites and keep practicing for optimal results. The more you practice the more you will begin to learn things and create your very own blackjack gaming strategy.