Casino games that are based on video games 

 Gaming has become a mainstream leisure pursuit over the past decade, and casino gaming is a niche that has positively exploded in popularity in the online, and especially, the smartphone, age. The days when a casino offered two or three table games and a handful of fruit machines are long gone. There are literally hundreds of slot games out there, drawing inspiration from mythology, sport, music, movies – and video games.  

Now the idea of one genre of games taking inspiration from another shows just how complex the modern gaming world has become. It’s too delicious an idea to ignore, so let’s lift the lid on some of the best video game-based slot games you can find in a typical casino. 


Call of Duty 4 – Modern Warfare 


One of the most accessible first person shooters, CoD has always been innovative. It was the first game of its kind to provide a mobile version that was just as playable as the console game, and now Cryptologic has hit the back of the net again with this CoD 4 slot game.  

It perfectly captures the gritty atmosphere of the video game and the death metal soundtrack is inspired. As well as the usual wilds and scatters, there’s an explosion feature that jars the reels and turns some symbols into extra wilds. 


Resident Evil 


With a new movie spin off released last year and a new game in the pipeline for 2023, there’s no sign of the Resident Evil franchise slowing down, despite having been around since the mid-1990s.   

The slot game actually does a great job of taking us back to Resident Evil’s roots, loosely following the storyline of the original PlayStation game. Look out for the green herbs for either instant prizes or power ups that could help you later. On a technical note, the volatility is high, so be ready to play the long game, the rewards are worth it when they finally come.  


Space Invaders  


If even the 1990s sounds too modern, here’s a slot game that’s based on what many will say is the original and best video game. Space Invaders needs no introduction and the people at Scientific Games have done a superb job reimagining it for the video slots age. 

As well as the regular reels and paylines, there’s a bonus game where you can earn extra rewards by channelling your shoot ‘em up skills.  


Lara Croft: Temples and Tombs 


If we discount Mario, Lara Croft was probably the first virtual star born of the gaming world. Microgaming’s Tomb Raider: Temples and Tombs slot has all the attention to detail that we have come to expect from this developer, and is actually the third Tomb Raider slot they have released. 

5 reels, 243 ways to win and a host of extras and bonuses mean this is a game that keeps your attention. There’s also a maximum jackpot of 5,000 times the stake – the jackpot feature can trigger any time, so the game really keeps you on your toes.