Gambling in Animal Crossing: What gambling options do players have?

Gambling in Animal Crossing: What gambling options do players have?

The Nintendo Switch game became a phenomenon in the gaming world in 2020. Over three years after its release, Animal Crossing fans still find intriguing features in the game, recreating lifelike experiences, including gambling options.

Is Animal Crossing still relevant in 2023?

Dating back to 2001, Animal Crossing has built a fandom among gamers with its unique graphics and gameplay, recreating a cartoonish environment inspired by social situations. The game’s premise is human characters that can interact with talking animals while exploring multiple islands.

As part of the gameplay, your character must complete multiple tasks and collect “Bells” (the in-game currency) and Nook Miles, which allow you to purchase items or fly out to different locations.

Regarding Animal Crossing’s popularity, Nintendo sold over 38 million copies of the videogame until 2022, surpassing a revenue of $31 million. As for the number of active Animal Crossing players, approximately 11 million users log in monthly.

Countries where Animal Crossing is most played

As far as the demographics of Animal Crossing, statistics show the highest number of active players of ACNH are located in The United States (39%).

Canada and The United Kingdom are other countries surpassing 5% of the total users. In 2022, ACNZ became the best selling video game in Japan, with over 10 million copies sold.

Can you gamble with real money in Animal Crossing?

Players cannot purchase items or gamble using real money in Animal Crossing. The only way to purchase game items is by playing and collecting “Bells”. Using real money to purchase items in the game is available on the mobile version of Animal Crossing Pocket Camp.

Gambling options in Animal Crossing

As Animal Crossing’s gameplay is meant to imitate a realistic environment, players can recreate all activities and hobbies, including gambling-inspired options.


Fishing in Animal Crossing is the closest gambling-related activity you can try in this video game. It is all based on pure luck; even the most experienced gamblers can struggle with mastering this activity.

Each fish caught has a different value, between 120 Bells to 13,000, depending on the type of fish you get. Players don’t get to choose the type of fish they want to catch, so to master this activity, you’ll require practice.

To catch the most valuable fish, you must manage a proper angle and dedicate some time to this activity. It might get frustrating over time, but if you catch the right one, your gaming experience will improve.

Trading goods

Buying and selling turnips go beyond just a business venture in this game. Players can purchase these flowers from one character, Daisy Mae, each Sunday, and you can sell them the other six days of the week. The price for these flowers changes twice a day, and depending on how fresh these flowers are when you sell them, the price fluctuates.

So, the amount of “Bells” you get depends on how long it takes to sell these flowers. The real gamble for players is whether you’ll cash in more money than you invested in this activity.


Animal Crossing: New Horizons features different types of flowers on several islands. Depending on the island you are located on, you can breed certain flowers that have a profitable value.

When visiting new islands, you can dig up fresh flowers and bring them to your “native place”. You can also use “Bells” to purchase certain flower seeds, and if you plant them in proper environments, you can get unique colours and value. The most valuable flower is the gold flower.

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